EMPOWERMENT OPTIONS, INC. - For individuals seeking quality support services
Who We Are
EOI provides residential and community support services for adults with developmental and other disabilities in home-based and community settings. Our primary goal is to maximize each individual's potential through the delivery of high quality services in a safe and healthy environment.
EOI help individuals develop important life skills such as personal care, managing money, shopping for groceries, accessing transportation and community resources. We also help individuals engage in activities that they may enjoy, such as attending places of worship, participating in community activities, cooking/baking, planning vacations and attending dances. 
Our Mission:
Empowerment Options, Inc. is dedicated to providing flexible, high quality services and housing to individuals with developmental disabilities. We are committed to supporting the individual in his or her efforts to :
  • develop self-reliance
  • exercise freedom of choice
  • achieve personal fulfillment
  • establish and maintain relationships
  • participate in community life
Empowerment Options, Inc. believes in joining with others to utilize all resources effectively for the benefit of individuals we serve, our employees, and the community. 
Vision Statement:
To support individuals with developmental and other disabilities and their families to live life their way in the least restrictive manner, by strengthening individuals ability to make choices that will increase their level of independence.